Count Your Blessings

“Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go. . . ” my children sang each year as we drove to my mom’s house for Thanksgiving. I spent this past weekend with my mom, sisters, nieces, and nephews for our celebration of the holiday. While driving home today I recounted my many blessing. Of course, family is the most important blessing, but I’m also thankful for my talent as a writer, my sense of humor, and my love for the written word. I’m thankful for friends and family who support my writing efforts and give me good constructive criticism. A serious writer needs someone to say, “This sucks,” when it really does.

While I’m still writing the love story I began on November 1 for the NaNoWriMo 30-day writing challenge, I’m also putting together a book of humor essays for submission, and I continue to revise my mystery manuscript and to write new humor essays for publication.

You can read my latest essay, “Party of One” in the November issue of Sasee magazine at Another of my humor essays, “Magnet Mommy,” won an Honorable Mention in a writing contest and will be published in Grandmother Earth 2011. The publications and awards keep me writing on days when it seems that no one is reading my work. For these things, I am thankful.

Although my travel this week is complete, my daughters and their families will celebrate Thanksgiving at my home with a traditional Southern turkey dinner and all the trimming, so my preparations for the holiday are just beginning. For the remainder of the week, we will shop ‘til we drop and then watch football. Go Gamecocks! Go Hokies! (Apologies to my nephew Chris from Clemson and to my friends Marion and Ted from UVA.)

This week, I wish you countless blessings as you share time with loved ones, and I encourage you to count your blessings instead of your calories. Gobble-gobble!

About Susan Harvey

I'm a humor writer and a newly retired college English instructor. I enjoy reading and writing yet don't take time to do what I really love--writing. I began writing a mystery-romance novel three years ago. Now that I'm retired, I will make time to write with the goal of finishing my novel.
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