Writing as Therapy

Sometimes I write to learn more about myself, to unleash hidden emotions buried deep within my psyche. November has been a trying month as I wrote at least 1000 words per day, and most days I wrote many more. Some of the words were difficult to write, too revealing. Even though I often wrote fiction, my own character came out, so I decided to run with it to see where it led me. At different times, I felt scared, sad, and happy.

Scared that I had exposed too much of myself. Sad when I remembered pieces of an unhappy childhood, yet happy when I considered other memories from my youth and early adulthood. Writing the truth is difficult, but it makes writing come alive for readers and is often therapy for the writer. For me, writing my past helps me understand how far I’ve come and how many obstacles I’ve overcome. Writing also leads me down new paths where I remember my past,  celebrate my present, and decide my future.

My essay “Save the Best for Last” appearing in the upcoming December issue of Sasee (www.sasee.com) is an example of my therapy writing. I wrote the essay to let go of events from many years ago that continued to trouble me. Then, I debated for several days before submitting it for publication because it revealed situations only close friends and family knew. Finally, I decided to submit the essay because I felt comfort after writing it. I’m not the only woman who’s experienced these situations. Perhaps my words will help other women see that they are not alone in their pain.

This week, I encourage you to look within to find words to help others through pain you’ve experienced. It may take only a short note to a friend or to a friend-of-a-friend. No matter what your experience, somewhere another woman is going through similar pain.

Take the challenge: Write a note to let her know she is not alone because you’ve been there and survived—Write Now!

About Susan Harvey

I'm a humor writer and a newly retired college English instructor. I enjoy reading and writing yet don't take time to do what I really love--writing. I began writing a mystery-romance novel three years ago. Now that I'm retired, I will make time to write with the goal of finishing my novel.
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