Read and Write

I’ve recovered from the writing marathon of November, ending with 33,017 words. I didn’t make my original goal of 50,000 words, but I’ll take the 33,000 and a fun month with family and friends! Last week, I completed a detailed revision of the first one hundred pages of my mystery manuscript. I can see a great improvement since the summer versions. This is encouraging and inspiring. 

This week, I have unexpected travel because of a family medical emergency, but I’ll take my trusty computer—I really should name this little box that is my constant companion—with me so I can work even while sitting in a hospital waiting room. This week, I’ll revise the second hundred pages of the mystery manuscript and begin planning another humor essay—topic as yet undetermined. The good thing about travel is that I have no housework, no dishes to wash, no food to prepare, no grocery shopping. This leaves more time for reading and writing. 

As a writer you should read the genre you’re writing. Recently, I read Margaret Maron’s latest book, Christmas Mourning, two Michael Connelly books (his latest—The Reversal and The Lincoln Lawyer), and two David Baldacci books (his first—Absolute Power and his latest—Hell’s Corner). All five books are page turners. I read each in only two days because they are so intense, I couldn’t stop reading. That’s the kind of suspense I want in my manuscript, but I have a long way to go before I run with these big dogs. 

This week, I encourage you to read a book in your genre. Read often, especially if you plan to write and publish. Not all readers are writers, but almost all good writers are avid readers. Visit your library or your favorite book store and find yourself in a book. Once you read a book, record it in a reading journal and write a few sentences about it. 

Take the challenge: read a book and record it in your journal—Write Now!

About Susan Harvey

I'm a humor writer and a newly retired college English instructor. I enjoy reading and writing yet don't take time to do what I really love--writing. I began writing a mystery-romance novel three years ago. Now that I'm retired, I will make time to write with the goal of finishing my novel.
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