Survive or Thrive?

The difference between thriving and surviving is the element of personal growth. Survival takes commitment, endurance, and self-discipline. Surviving implies simply existing instead of living. Surviving brings relief when the problem is resolved. Survivors encounter a problem, take whatever action is required, and then move on with life, waiting for the next problem to surface. 

Thriving requires survival skills plus personal growth. Thriving allows us to flourish, to learn from mistakes—whether our own or others’—and succeed in future endeavors. Thriving brings joy from something learned and applied to our lives. People who thrive are proactive and can usually avoid a second occurrence of an already resolved issue because they apply lessons learned from past experiences to everyday life.  

For most women, including me, the survival instinct is great. We get the job done at all costs. It doesn’t matter if we’re sick, tired, frustrated, or whatever else can sidetrack a woman. We push forward, clear paths, jump hurdles, leap tall buildings in a single bound. We are Superwomen.   Fortunately, most people thrive after surviving a situation that threatens their physical, mental, or emotional well-being. If we survive it, learn from it, and apply it to our lives so as not to encounter the situation again, we thrive. We are no longer a victim of circumstance. We use life experiences to make our lives more fulfilling, more rewarding. We’ve developed personal growth, a higher level of maturity, and our lives are better for it. We’ve turned an unavoidable circumstance into an opportunity to enrich our lives. 

Dr. Phil would say, “We get it.” Jeff Foxworthy will never say, “Give that woman a sign,” or label us “the dullest knife in the drawer.” We see the potential in each opportunity; we keep a positive attitude when broadsided by unavoidable circumstances.  

Applying this principle to our writing life could mean less time between idea and publication, so challenge yourself not only to survive, but also to thrive—Write Now!

About Susan Harvey

I'm a humor writer and a newly retired college English instructor. I enjoy reading and writing yet don't take time to do what I really love--writing. I began writing a mystery-romance novel three years ago. Now that I'm retired, I will make time to write with the goal of finishing my novel.
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