About Me. . .

I’m a mother, grandmother, retired teacher, and humor writer who has written two books that were so bad the manuscripts are in the dark recesses in my “archives” file drawer behind the 20-year-old divorce papers and 10 years of tax returns. On the bright side, I have had success publishing humor essays. I’m working on my third book, a romance-comedy-mystery. I have learned much in the years I’ve studied creative writing, but I have much more to learn. Fortunately, for me, a woman of many words, writer’s block is not a problem. My problem is taking the time to sit and write. Now that I’m retired, that is what I intend to do–write every day. I’m over 60 and have much to say. So many words to write, so little time left to write them.

2 Responses to About Me. . .

  1. Beth Barany says:

    I have no doubt you will say it all! I, for one, am looking forward to it!

  2. Tom Clancy says:

    A beautiful cameo of yourself, Susan! Maybe some day those first two manuscripts will speak to you again. In the meantime, I love your determination to write every day. You make it sound like something natural, like walking around the block, rather than as something obligatory in the heavy sense. It’s neat to think of daily writing as something that is waiting for all of us English teachers. It is our true clarion call from childhood..

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